Sunday, April 22, 2007

Children Of Change
Indigo Children

In times of trouble and in times of blessings, children are precious. They are innocent, pure spirits borne of the stuff of the universe: matter and energy. Every generation has something to teach the one that preceded it, but beginning in the year 1984, a new order of children began to be born throughout the world. They are the Indigo children: remarkable infants and youngsters possessing keen intelligence, sensitive souls, sharp tongues, and the will to change the world. Each year, more and more parents are blessed with children who instinctively understand that there is a better way and are not afraid to challenge accepted systems.

Indigo children (so named because of their unique indigo auras) are born into the world with clear gifts and intentions, awakening the spiritual awareness of their parents and creating an atmosphere of peace and richness in their environments. From a young age they are intuitive and intelligent, with IQ's averaging around 130, yet they possess the spirit of the warrior. They often display fiery tempers because their purpose is to dismantle dysfunctional systems, be they governmental, educational, or familial. Their sensitivity is geared toward dissecting information to find truth, and they instinctively know when they are being patronized, lied to, or manipulated. They teach without being aware of it - acting as examples and catalysts of a more enlightened and honest system of being.

Distressingly, it is because of these children's wonderfully introspective natures and emotional intensity that they are often mislabeled as having behavioral or learning disorders. Helping an Indigo child understand his or her purpose can quiet the confusion and hurt that often comes from being teased by their peers or called lazy or disordered by teachers. Letting the child experience life in their own way and encouraging them to find new boundaries or hone a skill allows them to work through difficulties on their own and to grow within their gifts. If an Indigo child becomes discouraged, which often happens when they are confronted with systems lacking creativity or dishonest people, it is important that the parent acknowledges those feelings as they would the feelings of an adult.

But truly these children exist beyond labels and are worthy of awe. In the poem Savitri, poet Sri Aurobindo describes a new race of human beings, who are "High priests of wisdom, sweetness, might, and bliss; Discoverers of beauty's sunlit ways." It may be that the appearance of Indigo children marks a new stage, a bright, pioneering and positive stage, of the evolution of the human soul.

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